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Your CANCER crystal bracelet is handmade to your size by Kaz at Flamingo Crystals using 8mm moonstone crystal beads and a stainless steel charm. This bracelet comes with a free upsize voucher (see below).

CANCER is your childs zodiac sign if they were born from June 21st to July 22nd. They are Mother Nature's moonchild. Your little crab is the 'feeler' of the zodiac and they often don't know what to do with all that emotion. They have a gentle, sensitive and loving spirit. Moonstone is their crystal. They are an emotional soul and moonstone will help soothe and balance those emotions and bring them a sense of calm.

(My daughter, like me, is a moonchild and we have both found some emotionally stability using moonstone. We can personally recommend this crystal to you. Kaz x)

Your bracelet will arrive cleansed and ready to wear.

This bracelet is available as part of a set with the matching crystal dangler.


FREE UPSIZE VOUCHER - As a mum, I know how fast kids outgrow everything (and I know how expensive and disappointing that is). I am also very passionate about kids having, using and wearing crystals because I have seen the benefits they have with my own kids. This is why every kids bracelet comes with one free upsize voucher. When your child has outgrown their bracelet (regardless of how long that takes), send it back to me and I will resize it for you for free. Kaz x 

HOW TO MEASURE YOUR WRIST - place a flexible tape measure around your wrist being careful not to pull tight. If you don't have a tape measure, use a piece of string and then measure the string on a ruler. The measurement you get is the size you order.

BRACELET CARE & TIPS - *to put your bracelet on: place over your fingertips and ROLL onto your wrist rather than pulling on one end to stretch over your hand  *don't wear your bracelet in the shower, ocean, pool or spa or spray perfume on it