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Your new crystal pack will arrive in a hemp pouch, cleansed and ready to use. You will also receive an information card on what healing properties your crystals have, ways to use your crystals and how to cleanse your crystals.

Your WEDDING crystal pack contains:
CITRINE - for happiness
AMETHYST - for harmony
LAPIS LAZULI - for fidelity
EMERALD - for domestic bliss
ROSE QUARTZ - for unconditional love
AMAZONITE - for loving communication
CLEAR QUARTZ - for bringing energy to the union
HEMATITE - for grounding the relationship in reality

The WEDDING crystal pack makes a beautiful and unique bridal shower gift that can be used on the wedding day and then displayed in the marital home afterwards.

Carry these crystals with you as you plan your wedding day. Carry them with you on your special day (incorporated into your bouquet, sewn into your dress, carried in a special pouch or the grooms pockets), place them on your bridal table at your reception, take them on your honeymoon and place them in your marital home.